High Fidelity 2D Graphics
C# port of a High Quality Rendering Engine for C++

Pleas visit the project site on Sourceforge.

We would love some help getting the rest of the origniall agg sample finished or implemented.

If you feel like it please tackle any of the problems below, or implement one of the demos that we haven't gotten to yet.

Currently we are not working on any of these things so you won't be steping on any toes. Thanks.

You can find a list of the originall agg demos here.

When loading the project the master solution file is in DemoSelector.

  • Finish the outline renderer in lion_outline. Only the normal renderer is implemented.
  • Implement the rest of the sampling modes for image_resample. Only one is done.
  • Implement the stack blur in the blur sample. Only Gaussian is implemented so far.
  • We started work on the gouraud_mesh sample but it currently doesn't render. It would be great if it did.
  • Improvements and bug fixes anywhere you find them.

  • To submit a pathch please use the form on the main project page here.

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